Yes, You Can Trust The Gospels and Here’s Why…



We live in an age where there is a growing skepticism about the reliability of the Gospels. Many people today simply take it for granted that the Gospels cannot be historically trustworthy.

But what justifies this skeptical increase? Has there been any new evidence or discovery that would discredit the accuracy of these works?

The answer is “no”. In fact, many of the arguments against the Gospels you see on the internet today are old rehashed arguments from centuries ago that were sufficiently addressed by Christian thinkers back then. In fact, the only thing really “new” about these skeptical ideas is that there is now just a new way of promoting them – post them on the internet!

In this episode of Spiritual Combat, I’m speaking with Dr. Timothy McGrew, professor of philosophy at Western Michigan University on this issue.

The topic of the discussion is “Yes, the Gospels are Trustworthy and Here’s Why.”

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