Why Evolution Does Not Show There Is No God


The famous atheist Richard Dawkins once quipped that Darwinian evolution has made him an “intellectually fulfilled atheist”. And it’s no secret that atheists and skeptics often appeal to evolution as support of their worldview, a sort of “refutation” of the existence of God, or at least, to support their view that God is not needed to explain the fascinating complexity we see at the biological level.

But is this true? Is it the case that evolution, even if it really happened, is a good reason to not believe in God?

Or, to ask a related question, if the theory of evolution is true, would that fact even undermine the design argument for the existence of God?

My answer is “no” to both questions.

My thesis is this: that even if we grant that evolution is true (and that may well be debatable) still, no harm is done to either belief in God or to the design argument itself.

In other words, my claim is that the truth of the evolutionary hypothesis is irrelevant to the rationality of believing in God and even irrelevant to the design argument itself.

In this episode of Spiritual Combat I’ll tell you why:

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