Why Doesn’t God Give Us More Evidence Of His Existence? Answering The Problem Of Divine Hiddenness



“If God really existed, wouldn’t he want to make absolutely sure everyone knew about it?”


That’s a common question raised by skeptics and it’s one that many believers have wondered about as well.


Why doesn’t God give us more evidence of his existence?


In philosophy this is known as the problem of “Divine Hiddenness” and it is a standard argument atheists use to show that nonbelief is the more reasonable position to hold.


The argument usually goes something like this:


“If God existed (and was perfectly good and loving) every reasonable person would have been brought to believe in God; however, there are reasonable nonbelievers; therefore, this God does not exist.”


In this episode of Spiritual Combat I’ll talk about the argument from Divine Hiddenness and why it does not succeed in showing that there is no perfectly good and loving God:


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The Aquinas School Of Theology And Philosophy


The Aquinas School Of Theology And Philosophy