This may tick some people off but I really don’t care.

I’m not sure what it takes for parents, churches, parishes, and schools to wake up and realize that there is a REAL PROBLEM here and they are failing to address it.

I can’t tell you how many times moms have come up to me at a conference and told me how DEVASTATED they were that their kids have left the faith.

Sometimes they say they trusted their Catholic school to deal with the problem. Other times, they just admit they did nothing at all to prevent it.

Whatever the reason, they didn’t think about the fact that their kids were going to be flat-out blindsided with arguments against Christianity they’ve never heard before.

Sure, they made sure that their kids learned a lot of subjects in their pre-college years. They learned things like math, history, and science. They even got good grades!

But quite frankly, those subjects didn’t help one darn bit when it came down to what matters most – helping their kids keep their faith.

And now these parents realize they have been derelict in their duty. They realize they are guilty of a huge oversight in their parenting. God entrusted these precious children to them and they have failed to prepare them for all of this.

They now realize their beautiful kids were naively sent off to the front lines of a war – the culture war. These kids were untrained, ill-equipped, and completely exposed and vulnerable to the moral and intellectual assaults against their faith. It was bound to happen

But the reason I’m so upset right now is because of a new and extremely important study that just came out.

You need to hear this.

Stop what you are doing and listen.

It might make all the difference.

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