Who Designed The Designer? Debunking A Common Atheist Argument



One of the most popular arguments for God’s existence is the design argument. This argument aims to show that the best explanation for the tremendous amount of order in the universe is an intelligent designer.

But following the philosopher David Hume, many atheists like Richard Dawkins think that this argument can be easily undermined by one simple question:

“Who designed the designer”?

But the fact is that this counterargument doesn’t work, and in this episode of Spiritual Combat I’ll tell you why: 

Click the play button or link below to listen. (And don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or with RSS on your Android.) [audio_player url=”http://classicaltheist.s3.amazonaws.com/WhoDesignedTheDesigner.mp3″] http://classicaltheist.s3.amazonaws.com/WhoDesignedTheDesigner.mp3  


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