Without a doubt, modern science is the most important intellectual influence shaping our culture today.

And there is no reason for any philosopher to attack science itself. Science is a wonderful way in which we can acquire knowledge about the world.

But the problem is this…

Many people today hold an exaggerated view of science. Many people today think that science and only science can lay claim to knowledge.

These people, either implicitly or explicitly, think that science has an intellectual authority over every other field of study, including philosophy.

So this topic is a big deal and one we need to take seriously.

The reason why is because calling some things “scientific” and other things “not scientific” carries a tremendous amount of weight in our culture. The word “scientific” in our day is almost synonymous with “proven” or “true”.

Too many people assume that if something is not “scientifically proven” it is open to doubt, skepticism, or just not worthy of the title knowledge.

This view, which is not science itself, but an exaggerated belief about science is seriously flawed. And in this episode of Spiritual Combat I’ll tell you why…

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