The 12 Guidelines For Christian Dating

How Traditional Christian Dating Differs From Modern Dating
  1. The Necessity of a Spiritual Disposition – if you are a young person who has not appropriated your faith, if you have not yet gone from being a Christian because of being in a Christian family vs. being a Christian by virtue of choice, then do not start dating. Until you have a relationship with Christ set, you do not know who you are.
  2. Learn How To Be Around Members Of The Opposite Sex In A Dignified And Mature Way – Learn how to conduct yourself properly around members of the opposite sex.
  3. Be Prepared To Do Business – Dating is not just for fun, on the Christian view dating is a precursor to marriage. Dating just for fun is a setup for disaster. Don’t date until you are ready to be married, then you can “court to wed”.
  4. Appreciate The Whole Ball Of Wax For Marriage – Treat marriage seriously. Marriage is a sacrament, a vow of exclusive fidelity for life. It is about being open to children. If you are not ready for these things, if you are not ready for exclusive fidelity and being open to raise children then do not consider dating either.
  5. Get Permission Before You Start – Dating and marriage are not just a thing between two individuals. Dating and marriage involves families and it involves the Church.
  6. State Your Intentions Formally – Be clear about what you are doing. Are you looking for marriage or are you looking for just casual sex? Be honest about your intentions so that there isn’t any confusion.
  7. Play Your Role Faithfully – There is a role for both man and woman to play here.
  8. Don’t Defraud Your Brother – God’s will for us is the sanctification of our bodies. When you are still dating you do not yet know for sure if that person will be your spouse or not. You will know that when the priest declares you married. Don’t take what is not yours. Do not do anything you would not do with your own brother or sister.
  9. Be Content Oriented Not Entertainment Oriented – Focus on significant things, not just entertainment events so that you better learn about each other.
  10. Don’t Talk About Getting Married Too Early – Get the father’s permission first.
  11. When It Gets Serious, Ask The People In Your Life What They Think – Make sure to get counsel on this match.
  12. When You Begin To Date, Hold On To Your Heart With Two Hands And Do Not Let Go – Do not let your heart get too attached too quickly

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