Ten Year-old Children SUSPENDED for Refusing LGBTQ+ Indoctrination at School


Even though they said this will never happen, LGBTQXIRRIDDM+ activists no longer merely ask for acceptance of their lifestyle but demand it from every corner of society regardless of any philosophical or religious concerns.

We were told not to worry about polygamy, promotion of gender dysphoria, or threats to families as a result of wide-spread acceptance and legal protection of homosexual marriage.

I’m not sure if gay-marriage activists were simply mistaken or if all of this was just a smoke-screen to lure us into lowering our defenses against the further erosion of the family in Western society.

Case in point:

Two children, just 10 years-old, were subject to severe punishment for their refusal to participate in pro-LGBTQ+ propaganda last June at Heaver’s Farm primary school in London, England.

One of the girls, a 10 year-old girl named Kasey, was suspended from school for a week for simply asking to be excused from the lesson in accord with her religious objection to the LGBTQ+ ideology. She wasn’t the only one suspended either, a friend of hers, Farrell, received the same punishment for the heinous crime of wanting to avoid dealing with indoctrination from school administrators on a behavior which they find objectionable.

When their “teacher” handed out the LGBT coloring sheets, Farrell timidly asked “Sir, please may I not take part in this lesson?” This innocent question, rooted in the student’s religious faith, triggered an aggressive interrogation by the teacher who asked the two children “Do you want them [LGBQT+ people] to die?”

Of course, the kids said “no” but they further appealed to their African-Jamaican heritage, which did not afford LGBTQ+ individuals the same legal support as the UK government. Farrell appealed to his minority heritage and his Christian background in an effort to explain the source of his request to merely recieve exemption from this particular lesson.

At this, the teacher began to fume and, taking them outside the classroom, sharply replied “How dare you? You are a disappointment to the school!” She then escorted them to a different room and accused them of advocating severe violence against the LGBTQ+ community by saying, “How dare you say that you want to kill LGBT people?”

Both children, again, denied that they ever have or ever would promote violence against the LGBTQ+ community but the teacher merely charged them with dishonesty and subsequently slapped them with a 3 hour detention and a week-long suspension for politely standing firm in their faith.


It should go without saying that both parties tell slightly different stories but Kaysey and Farrell’s classmates corroborate their story.

Despite this, the head teacher bullied, manipulated, and illegally alienated Kasey and Farrell for unsubstantiated anti-LGBTQ+ comments.

Thankfully, the school has received a huge backlash and is now embroiled in a law-suit which could prove to be extremely costly to the school. But despite such outrage and clear violation of the law, the school administration has been uncooperative and antagonistic towards Kaysey and Farrell’s parents.

But wait! They said this would never happen.

Ha. Yeah, right.

There is something about this that should encourage us: the steely resolve and courteous nature of these children in the face of overwhelming and aggressive bullying from authority figures.

Although this degree of anti-Christian discrimination is still probably a few years off in the United States, I’m glad that I have the training and experience to not only so that I can stand up for the faith against the rising tide of secularization but can also effectively prepare my children to do the same.

One of the most important factors in any battle is preparation. Like the saying goes,

“the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat”

As much as I wish that it were not the case that Christians in the West will inevitably face persecution and hardship, I do think that such trials will stir us out of our complacency and give rise to a much stronger body of Christ on earth.

Please pray for me that I can be a good parent and live a holy life as an example to my children and a beacon to those who dwell outside the life of Christ.

Jonathan L. Stute, M.A. MaPhil

P.S. Sure, I’m only 31 years old but I am absolutely shocked at how much more intense attacks on the faith are now versus when I was in high school. After working in youth ministry for about 10 years, I can say this:

We cannot allow tough questions to go unanswered any longer….

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