Ten Reasons To Think Christianity Is True

In previous lessons, we looked at The Master Argument For Christianity.

The argument runs like this:

If Christianity is true then a lot of good things we all want are true <- this was proven prior

Christianity is true <- Proving this premise here

Therefore, all of these good things are true <-mixed conclusion

We also looked at ten reasons why the first premise is true. Namely, if Christianity is true then…

  1. You and your loved ones never really die

  2. Perfect happiness is possible and within your control

  3. All pain and negative emotions will be eliminated forever

  4. Knowing perfect truth is possible

  5. Morality is real

  6. Human dignity is real

  7. God loves you 

  8. Your life has a purpose, value, and meaning

  9. The entire created universe is governed by God’s providential plan

  10. You have permanent reasons to be happy and optimistic in this world, no matter what happens

This by itself does not show that Christianity is true, but it doesn’t attempt to do that. The first premise is claiming that Christianity, if true, would fulfill many of our important and natural desires. And for that reason, we should want Christianity to be true.

But is it true? That is the claim of the second premise.

In this lesson, we begin to look at the proof for the second premise.

The Cumulative Case For The Truth Of Christianity

The nature of a “cumulative case” is this: instead of using just one argument to support a conclusion, you use a number of independent arguments for that conclusion. 

Just like in a court case its good to have one witness to support your side, but its better to have multiple witnesses.

The same thing goes here. When you have multiple arguments to support a conclusion, that conclusion is better supported than if you only had one.

The idea here is simple. The more arguments you have for something the more justified you are in believing it.

So if you have say, one argument, for the theory of evolution, that would be good. 

If you have two arguments, that would be better. And so on.

Here we look at ten reasons to think that Christianity is true. 

The Ten Arguments

  1. The Argument From The Character Of Jesus

  2. The Argument From Messianic Prophecy

  3. The Argument From The Resurrection Of Jesus

  4. The Argument From The Peaceful Conversion Of The World

  5. The Argument From The Shroud of Turin

  6. The Argument From Scientifically Validated Miracles

  7. The Argument From Near Death Experiences

  8. The Argument From Demonic Realism

  9. The Argument From Marian Apparitions

  10. The Argument From Pascal's Wager

Many of these arguments, by themselves, are sufficient to warrant Christian belief. For example, many educated people have come to believe Christianity is true just given, say, the argument from the Resurrection of Jesus.

But when you take them together as parts of a collective case you have a much stronger argument. 

Entire books can and have been written on any one of these arguments.

Here in this series we will just briefly summarize each one.

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The Aquinas School Of Theology And Philosophy