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Here’s the deal… I realize you already declined this offer, but without a doubt, this Introductory Program: Introduction to the Ethics of Love, Marriage & Sexuality Bundle has been critical in teaching how and why to defend marriage and protect your family from how the world wants us to view sex.  Popular culture presents sexual activity of all kinds as "natural" and "good" while ridiculing sexual abstinence and Christian morality!

BUT... when you dive into this introductory program today, you will gain instant access to the specific, EASY-TO-LEARN program that educate you and you family and how to respond to people who say that opposing gay marriage is "discrimination" "intolerant" and "just like racism".

I just want to make this a complete no-brainer so here's what I'm going to do for you today. Price should NEVER hold you back learning and being able to skillfully defend biblical teachings against skeptics and critics even if you have no formal training in this area. That's why I want to give you my personal 70% discount.  You won't see this anywhere else and remember it still comes with a 60 Day No Questions Asked "Honor Code" Guarantee. Fair enough?

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