Summary Of The
Thomistic Argument
The Design Argument For The Existence Of God
Why The Work Of Nature Is The Work Of Intelligence
New Easy To Follow Videos Teach You How Reason Proves That God Exists
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Ever since the beginning of human existence, people have wondered...
Where Do We Come From? What Is The Cause Of All The Order We See In The World?
Like the oldest of the ancient Greek philosophers, modern atheists think that the tremendous order we see in nature is best explained by chance and accident.

Some even go so far as to say that to believe that the universe was intelligently designed is "irrational", "outdated", and "unscientific".​​​​​
But Is This Really True?
On the contrary, the idea that the works of nature reveal the work of a designing intelligence has been held by many of the top philosophers and scientists in the Western world!
Like the oldest of the ancient Greek philosophers, many modern atheists think that all of the order in the world is best explained by chance and accident.
Here's Why The Atheists Have It All Wrong...
Announcing A New Video On The Most Persuasive Argument For The Existence Of God In History:
How To Prove That God Exists Part II: The Design Argument For The Existence Of God
Why The Work Of Nature Is The Work Of Intelligence
The Design Argument For The Existence of God video contains hours of thought provoking, educational material on one of the most persuasive arguments for the existence of God in history.
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Delivers An "Academic Counterpunch" To Atheism
Video Overview: The purpose of The Design Argument For The Existence of God is to introduce the beginning student to one of the most popular arguments for God’s existence.

The goal here was to make a learning program that teaches total beginners how to give a sound philosophical case for the existence of God.

The aim of this course is to show you that knowing the existence of God is NOT irrational and it is NOT based on blind faith. 

On the contrary, the claim that God exists is a conclusion that the human intellect can reach through reason apart from the gift of faith.

Discover why when we look at the universe with an open mind and follow the evidence wherever it leads, we are led to the rational conclusion that the work of nature is the work of intelligence.
Today, More Than Ever, It Is Very Important For People Who Have Faith To Seek Understanding.
The sad truth is that people who attend church are never shown these arguments. 

University students are never shown these arguments either (at least not fairly anyway). 

And so the result is that most people "assume" there aren't any good reasons for thinking that God exists.

And THAT is precisely the problem.

One of the reasons religion is so despised today is because a lot of people think belief in God has no rational foundation. 

And there is a desperate need to reverse this trend.

That’s what this course is about. 

We want to revive these old arguments for the existence of God, broadcast them to the world, and get them into the hands of everyday believers like you so that others can see why belief in the existence of God is very reasonable.

Finally, A Course In Good Old "Common Sense" Philosophy  For Beginners
Commonly known as the "teleological argument" in philosophy, this video set is designed to teach you things like… 
Learn why the work of nature is the work of intelligence
Learn what a good design argument for God’s existence is and the best ways to articulate it .
Learn what the term "order" really means and why various types of order pervade the entire universe in things both big and small. 
Discover what "chance" really is and why chance cannot be the explanation for the order in nature
Learn why St. Thomas Aquinas' philosophy of final causality shows that there must be a Mind behind all of the order we see in nature.  
How to counter common objections to the design argument

The focus of this course is on the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas, one of the greatest minds in the history of the world.

It’s reasons like these that explain why the design argument has been a favorite old standby for centuries and a proven classic for intellectuals who want to make a rational case for God’s existence.
Made For Beginners. Clearly and
Simply Explained in Plain English
This course is made for beginners and is well-suited for Christian adults and teens with no previous experience.
Clearly and simply explained
No prior experience necessarylearly and simply explained
Use it whenever you want it
Take it anywhere
Easy to follow
Ready to go anytime you are
Step-by-step lessons
Fits your schedule
Just watch and follow along
It doesn't matter who you are. It doesn't matter if you are a housewife, a ditch digger, or a brain surgeon, this material can help anyone, and we are determined to make sure that you understand it.
This course is perfect for parents! The classes are laid out for your teen and ready to go. No extra work needed.
You are never too old to learn! Many people who purchase our courses are older and even in retirement.
Become Knowledgeable And Articulate In
The Most Important Things
Learning an important subject like this can help you in a number of ways.
Help yourself, your family, and your friends all become stronger in their faith.
Start your own study group at your church
Gain important knowledge and skills you can use your whole life long
Do your part to help make the world a better place.
Feel good about yourself by gaining a whole new perspective on the universe.
Help your unbelieving friends and family members see the evidence for God.
Pass this knowledge down as a treasure to later generations
Help your kids gain the edge against any atheists that will challenge them later in life. 
Enjoy the clear headed thinking about God that reassures, inspires, and gives you peace of mind 
It’s Time To Get Started
Today more than ever, this kind of knowledge needs to broadcast far and wide for the defense of the faith. 

And you are probably the kind of person who “gets that” (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this page).

But you can't put this off because this material takes time to learn.

Our culture is desperate for help. 

We need armies of educated informed and articulate defenders of the faith. 

Christians have to get serious about this issue.

We have to speak up and get involved. 

It simply will not do to be uneducated, silent and ineffectual anymore.
Course Instructor: Scott M. Sullivan PhD
Dr. Scott M. Sullivan has taught philosophy and logic at various universities and is the founder of Classical Theist productions; a company devoted to resurrecting the best ideas of the classic Christian tradition and bringing them into the modern world through convenient and accessible course materials. 

Dr. Sullivan is the author of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Principle of Sufficient Reason  and An Introduction to Traditional Logic, a text widely used in numerous universities and seminaries. 

Dr. Sullivan has also discussed the importance of Aquinas’ thought on EWTN television and several nationally syndicated radio programs.

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Why Courses Like These Are So Important
Today, more than ever, Christians need to step up to the plate and learn the reasons why they believe. 

It’s a fact of life now that uninformed, “blind-faith” anti-intellectual Christianity will NOT survive the intellectual onslaught and criticism of our modern secular age. 

Take the time to invest in the important things and defend what you love. Feed your soul with clearheaded ideas from the past masters and learn why we can know that God exists through reason following the evidence.