Justice Towards The Creator: Why We Are Obligated To Act Morally
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The Quick And Easy Way To Understand, Explain, And Defend The Catholic Teaching On Sexual Ethics
The Truth About What We Know About God And How We Know It According To
The Philosophy And Theology Of St. Thomas Aquinas
"New Course Reveals How To Put The Norms of Catholic Sexual Morality on a Firm Basis"
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"The Modern World Hates The  Catholic Teaching About Sex!!!"
Today we live in a world of sexual license and permissiveness with very minimal standards when it comes to sexual relations .

Most people today think that "as long as both partners are willing", then there’s nothing wrong or immoral about virtually ANY kind of sexual activity.

But now contrast this loose view of sex with the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church.

The Church says that all non-marital and unnatural sex is sinful and that the only proper place for sexual acts is within the context of a TRUE MARRIAGE. 

And this is the same thing that Jesus and his disciples taught. 

But as everyone knows, when the Church says these things, people become ENRAGED.
If you are a conservative Christian of any sort who holds to traditional values about sexuality, you are the scorn of the modern world. 

They will call you "hateful", "bigot", "homophobe" and just about every other name in the book.

And while you must always be charitable, you would probably like to learn how to explain your traditional values to them in a convincing way.

That is exactly what this program will teach you how to do.

They mock and ridicule the faith...
They say that the Catholic teaching on sex is so “old-fashioned” and "outdated".

They say it is “intolerant” “hateful” or “discriminatory”. 

Popular culture presents sexual activity of all kinds as "natural" and "good" while ridiculing sexual abstinence and Christian morality!
These controversies regarding sex are some of the biggest of our day...
One of the biggest reasons people despise the Catholic Church today is because they do not understand the Church's teaching on sexual matters. This program will give you everything you need to know to help others see the truth.

Innumerable heresies attack the Church from all sides.

These attacks on the Church fly around like a swarm of locusts – blog posts, articles, news pieces, YouTube videos...

All tearing down, criticizing or misconstruing the One, True, Faith.

But just because an idea is “new” or “popular” doesn’t make it right.
The loose sexual morality of pop culture should NOT go unchecked and unanswered. 

No, these modern ideas need to be TESTED against the standards of reason and divine revelation .

This is a matter of extreme importance and not one that cannot be ignored without danger .

We need to educate our moral conscience properly - not according to the whims of fashion but according to the TRUTH!

That's why we made this...

St. Robert Bellarmine once said that "it is necessary that heretics understand that in the camps of Catholics, there are those who understand their faith and are ready to engage them head on.” 

That's what this course will prepare you to do.

The Quickest, Easiest And Most Practical Way To Understand Catholic Sexual Morality Is Right Here...
An Introduction To Catholic Sexual Morality
According To The Mind Of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. John Paul II 

"The most powerful program of its kind on the market today"

100% Faithful To The Teaching Of The Magisterium
Finally, An Easy-To-Follow, Sensible, And Articulate Defense Of Catholic Sexual Ethics 
Purpose: The purpose of this program is to provide the beginning student with a learned and well-spoken explanation and defense of the Catholic teaching on sexual morality in an INTERESTING AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND way .
This Is What Everybody Ought To Know About Sexual Ethics
Imagine, once you complete this program you’ll be conversant and ready to intelligently discuss things like…
Why loose views on sex destroy the family and harm the common good...
The single most important reason why we need to have moral standards for sexual relations..
How to master the two key arguments you need to know that support the Catholic teaching on sexuality...
How to best answer to the question: What makes sex so special?...
The #1 reason why sex should NOT be "just for fun" and that's all...
What to say to someone who asks, "Why does there have to be any morality about sex?"
Why "law" is important for any moral question and the different kinds of law you need to know...
Exactly what to say when someone asks you "Why is sex outside of marriage wrong? "
Learn why St. Thomas Aquinas says matrimony is natural and fornication is a sin...
Learn a new way to think about the problem with pornography...
Why human sexuality is one of the most important things in the world...
Why the goods of sexuality are OBJECTIVE and have nothing to do with one's opinion about it...
Why human persons really have dignity and shouldn't be treated as mere objects of pleasure...
Why the most commonly accepted form of sexual morality today is INCONSISTENT with human value...
Why Christian morality about sex has NOTHING to do with prudery...
Why two of the most common views of sexuality today are wrong...
Why we are ALL obligated to act morally in sexual matters...
The quickest and easiest way to understand the natural law...
The two most important things you need to know about the natural law (most people completely overlook these)...
The truth about what love really is and why relaxed sexual practices HARM the common good...
Why the sexual urge is a GOOD thing and how it’s distorted by modern media...
Why dressing modestly is very important...
Why St. Thomas Aquinas says wearing immodest clothing can be a mortal sin...
The problem with pornography...
The truth about sexual shame: why it’s a good thing and how it protects us...
The very best way to think about chastity...
How to defend the virtue of chastity: what it is and why it’s important...
Why  we desperately need to create an atmosphere favorable to chastity...
Why sexual morality is not trivial, but serious business...
Why reason (even apart from faith) shows that non-marital and unnatural sexual acts are wrong...
Why what most people think about marital love is completely WRONGHEADED...
How to clear up common misunderstandings about sexual issues...
Why the most common form of relationship today makes it impossible to ever trust one's spouse ...
Why the problem of sexual "shamelessness" is one of the biggest problems of our day...
And much more...
The Complete Program For Understanding Catholic Sexual Morality
Explain The Faith Like A Highly Trained Theologian 
Imagine, sitting in your favorite chair with a favorite beverage and learning the truth about one of the most important issues of our day from world class thinkers.
This program is perfect for all ages 16 and up and comes in a convenient and easy to use format.

This is a COMPLETE PACKAGE designed for ACCELERATED LEARNING with so much information that just taking it once won't be enough to reap its full benefits. 

This is something you'll want to review and look over again and again.
Truths of The Faith Explained And Defended By Two Names You Can Trust
Join the ranks of the top thinkers in the Catholic Church.  This course will teach you the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. John Paul II on sexual morality.  

When you’re in good company like that, you can't go wrong.

Built on the shoulders of these giants, we've taken their difficult thought and simplified, condensed, and summarized everything down to the bare essentials you need to know.

This program is an introductory level course in Catholic theology according to the mind of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. John Paul II.

What many Catholics don't know is that St. Thomas is the MOST WIDELY RECOMMENDED theologian in the history of the Church.  Centuries of papal praise of St Thomas tells us that St. Thomas' method is the right way to do theology and should serve as the standard for all Catholic theologians. That is why we follow his thought here.

Saint John Paul II said that a defense of the Catholic teaching on sexual morality is “an INESCAPABLE requirement of the work of evangelization”.

A strong defender of traditional Catholic teaching on sexuality his entire life, Pope John Paul II was originally inspired to write on these issues when working as a philosophy professor at the Catholic University of Lublin where he frequently met with young students who had questions about these issues.

The ideas in this course represent a timeless, learned, and sensible tradition that has been handed down over the years and will never go away… 

This is where you get to feed your soul with first-class thinkers - all simplified and gathered into ONE place and without any great labor or expense .

And become a new intellectual soldier of the Church

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100% Faithful To The Teaching Of The Magisterium
Made For Beginners. Clearly and  Simply Explained in Plain English
Well-suited for both TEENS and ADULTS - no previous experience needed.
Clearly and simply explained
No prior experience necessary
Convenient and versatile
Use it whenever you want it
Take it anywhere
Easy to follow
Ready to go anytime you are
Step-by-step lessons
Fits your schedule
Just watch and follow along
"An Indispensable Requirement For Every Christian In The Modern World"
Here's What All You Get:
Get all the lessons in an "instant access" MP3 audio format or on  CDs mailed to your home so that you can learn while driving to work or going for a jog.
Get The Whole Sexual Morality Course On Audio
This is NOT some old "boring professor" droning on and on in a monotone that will put you to sleep.

Taught in an energetic and engaging fashion, you will get all of lessons in an audio format that totals to nearly three hours of material. 

Having the course on audio is GREAT for learning while you are on a drive, on a treadmill, or whatever other mindless background activity you might be doing.

By listening to this program you can turn any boring task into an exciting learning adventure.
Get all the lessons in "instant access" MP3 audio format so that you can learn while driving to work or going for a jog.
The Introduction To Catholic Sexual Morality Study Guide
Available by instant download. Professionally formatted and laid out with helpful tips, highlighted key points, and easy to scan bullet points, this is the perfect companion to the lessons! 

This guide perfectly follows the lessons and assists you in learning the material.

Having the material in different formats like this helps to better accommodate different learning styles and increases comprehension and retention. 

With this helpful study guide, you'll be able to easily follow along with the lessons and take notes as you go. 

This study guide follows the lessons and helps you follow the material visually while giving you a convenient place to take notes.
Free Bonus #1: The Ultimate Catholic Sexual Morality CHEAT SHEET
Available by instant download,  this is the perfect companion to the lessons! 

This guide perfectly follows the lessons in order and assists you in learning the material.

Having the material in different formats like this helps to better accommodate different learning styles and increases comprehension and retention. 

With this helpful study guide, you'll be able to easily follow along with the audio lessons and take notes as you go. 

Become Knowledgeable And Articulate
In The Most Important Things
Learning an important subject like this can help you in a number of ways.
 Help yourself, your family, and your friends all become stronger in their faith.
Start your own study group at your church
Gain important knowledge and skills you can use your whole life long
Do your part to help make the world a better place.
Feel good about yourself by gaining a whole new perspective on the universe.
Help your unbelieving friends and family members see the evidence for hell.
Pass this knowledge down as a treasure to later generations
 Help your kids gain the edge against any atheists that will challenge them later in life. 
Enjoy the clear headed thinking about the Christian faith that reassures, inspires, and gives you peace of mind 
Course Instructor: Scott M. Sullivan PhD
Dr. Scott M. Sullivan is a homeschooling father of 8 and holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX.
He is the producer of numerous video courses in the areas of logic, the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas, philosophical arguments for the existence of God, the historical evidence for the Christan faith, various topics in Catholic theology, and others.

Dr. Sullivan is a popular speaker throughout the United States who speaks on topics like the importance of teaching children on how to intellectually defend their faith, the complementary relationship between faith and reason, the importance of training in classical logic, why the study of philosophy is everybody's business, and the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas.
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A Solid Course On Sexual Morality Belongs In The Home Of Every Educated Christian Family
An Introduction To Catholic Sexual Morality According To The Mind Of St. Thomas Aquinas And St. John Paul II Along With The Catholic Sexual Morality Cheat Sheet And The Why Transgenderism Is Wrong Program.
     100% Faithful To The Teaching Of The Magisterium    
"The most powerful program of its kind on the market today"
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P.S. Why Courses Like These Are So Important
Controversies regarding sex are some of the biggest of our day. Today, more than ever, Catholics need to step up to the plate and learn what they believe and why they believe it! 

It’s a fact of life now that uninformed, “blind-faith” anti-intellectual Christianity will NOT survive the intellectual onslaught and criticism of our modern secular age

Take the time to invest in the important things and defend what you love. Feed your soul with clearheaded ideas from the past masters and learn why we can know what the natural and divine law says about sexual ethics.

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