Pope Francis Delivers a Major Rebuke to Wayward German Bishops


As you guys may well know, a lot of us hard-core Traditional Catholics sometimes have a hard time with the approach Pope Francis takes towards leadership in the Church. In fact, Dr. Sullivan himself has reported on the disastrous results of Pope Francis’ ambiguous and poorly thought-out style of leadership and expression.

But we always need to give credit where credit is due and I think Pope Francis has merited some recognition for tackling a major issue in the German Church.

In case you haven’t been following international Church politics, I’ll catch you up real quick. In a nutshell, the German Church has been pushing for a “binding synodal process” to discuss contentious issues such as the role of the clergy, clerical celibacy, and sexual norms within the Church. The German bishops seem to think that “modernization” to the spiritual rot which is the Western church.

Yeah, whenever I hear “modernization” then I know that really means Masses like this:

or parish formation that looks like this:

To which the only appropriate response is:

Pope Francis’ letter was initially published in Spanish, which indicates to me that he had a direct hand in producing the text and expression of the letter.

I mean, really, prominent German cardinals, bishops, and other Catholics have publicly called for an overturn of the tradition of priestly and even an outright rejection of the church’s teaching on sexual morality.

This really says something, considering how Pope Francis basically tells the German Bishops that they need to fall in line and shape up. Simply speaking, they cannot just go off and do their own thing against the will of the Holy Spirit and the rest of the Church.

Without an unwavering, humble devotion to the tradition of the Church, “we run the risk of adopting ourselves as our starting point or of seeking self-justification and self-preservation that will lead us to make changes and arrangements that only go halfway.” In other words, by bending Church according to the secular world as the reference point then we become the very cause of the spiritual rot which we seek to prevent.

There are many in the Church who would have us overturn not only tradition the well-established practice of clerical celibacy, but to also reject the natural order and Divine Revelation on the family. Countless protestant denominations are falling by the day to the allure of bowing to the secular culture’s demand for acceptance of homosexual “marriage”. We shouldn’t be surprised though, they did the same thing with contraception and divorce earlier in the 20th century.

Only the Bark of Peter has been able to weather the storm of popular opinion–especially on sexual matters– and even though there are many diabolical forces in the Church who would have it otherwise: contemporary sexual ideologies will never prevail against the Church Christ promised to protect.

Hopefully this letter from Pope Francis indicates a rugged orthodoxy, which is the only thing that can turn the tide against what by all accounts appears to be an overwhelming assault on the life, the family, and the faith. No matter where Pope Francis stands in his own character, remember that we must trust the Holy Spirit to protect and guide the Church. Live your life with the uttermost sanctity and continue to take advantage of every opportunity to grow in your faith and hone your ability to defend the truth.

— Jonathan L. Stute
M.A. Theology
M.A. Philosophy