A new poll in the UK shows that 40% of people think Jesus was a mythical figure and did not really exist. Based on polling data of 3000 people the article says:

“More than a third of people (39%) thought Jesus was a mythical figure, rather than actually existing in history. This was particularly the case for under-35s, who were 25% more likely to think Jesus didn’t actually exist than those aged 36 and above.”

Now what makes this really sad is that this claim that Jesus never existed is absurd and is contradicted by a tremendous amount of historical evidence. Nevertheless this error is widespread, as evinced by this poll, and Christians need to be ready to answer this objection and others like it.

For this reason, below are SEVEN free resources you can access right now to learn the truth about the historical Jesus, the existence of God, and how to answer common objections to Christianity:

1. Free Mp3 Audio: Why The Claim That "Jesus Never Existed" Is Complete Nonsense


If you are a Christian and take your faith seriously, then listen to this podcast right now to learn how to intelligently answer this claim and help others see why the idea that "Jesus never existed" is not a position that deserves serious consideration.

Click the play button or link below to listen:


2. Free Set of Printable "Cheat Sheets" On Answering The Most Common Objections To The Bible

Many people today object to the Bible in a number of ways. They say things like, "The Bible is historically inaccurate", "We have no idea who wrote the Gospels and so they can't be trusted", "The Gospels were'nt even written by eyewitnesses", and so on.


If you want to know how to answer objections like these, whether it is for yourself, a family member, or a friend, then click here to get these free info graphics or "cheat sheets" on How To Answer The 10 Most Common Objections To The Bible:

3. Quick Video: How Do We Know That God Exists?

Many atheists claim that belief in God is pure wishful thinking and irrational. However, many of the top philosophers and scientists in the Western world have believed that God exists on the basis of reason alone.

Not only that, but the existence of God is still a question that is taken seriously at the highest levels of academia. In fact, you can go to almost any major university and take classes in the philosophy of religion where these questions are discussed. Moreover, there are several peer reviewed academic philosophy journals devoted to this question.

Does God exist? Watch this video to for a quick introduction on how many philosophers have answered that question:

4. Free Book: How To Answer A Jesus Critic

All Christians have a duty to share the Gospel with unbelievers, and in doing this, you will very likely run into what we might call a “Jesus Critic,” that is, someone who offers objections to Christianity. These objections will be reasons or arguments on why we should think Christianity is false.


The purpose of this little book is to expose some of these arguments. Indeed, here we will look at ten of the most common arguments people use to dismiss Christianity and how to respond to them. Click here to get your free copy of this book.

5. Free Audio Mp3: Interview with Dr. Peter Kreeft


Dr. Kreeft is a well-known philosopher, author and debater, and in this podcast you can listen to his thoughts on important issues such as Christian faith, apologetics, the existence of God, the "new atheists", Pascal's wager and a host of other things.

Click the play button below to listen:


6. Free Mp3 Audio: What Everyone Ought To Know About Jesus And The Gospels


In this podcast, Scott Sullivan discusses the reliability of the Gospels with recognized New Testament scholar Craig Evans.

Click the play button below to listen:

7. Free Mp3 Audio: Yes, You Can Trust The Gospels and Here's Why


In this podcast, philosopher Scott Sullivan discusses common objections to the Gospels with philosopher Dr. Timothy McGrew of Michigan State University.

Click the play button below to listen:

I hope that helps but there is so much more powerful evidence for Christianity that I couldn't even include in a blog post like this one.  I know you're wanting more and since you've already had a few free samples from  my Christ 101 course in the videos above, you should check out:

Christ 101: How to Defend the Faith With Reason and Evidence

It's got enough material to cover an entire college semester, all clearly taught by expert scholars.