New Poll Shows Rapid Increase of Atheism In The U.S.

Carma Poll

For far too long, Christians have been focusing on personal testimonies and piety as a principal means of evangelization while ignoring the intellectual battle of ideas going on in the culture war.

For this reason, they have not been effectively engaging the secular culture, especially the academic part of it (which is arguably the most influential).

The results of this approach are not good. We have been hearing for years how Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, are leaving their churches in droves.

As a result, the West is becoming more and more secular.

Here is another example.

A recent poll conducted by The Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate of Georgetown university shows a rapid increase of atheism in the U.S.

According to this poll, now a whopping 17% of U.S. adults do not think that God exists.

This is the largest figure on atheism I have ever seen.

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