A Manual Of Catholic  Theology
Vol I: The Sources Of Theological Knowledge, God, Creation And The Supernatural Order by Joseph Wilhelm
Publisher: Aquinas School Of Theology And Philosophy Press

Description: Paperback, 562 pages.

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What you will learn from this book...
"Massive: A Comprehensive Work In Catholic Theology"
Description: In a presentation of his conversion story Catholic Apologist, Scott Hahn, had this to say about the Catholic faith, “What we discovered was that the Catholic Church almost doesn’t even need a defense. It’s more like a lion; just let it out of its cage and it takes care of itself.”  

So often, many of the objections from so-called skeptics amount to little more than a misunderstanding about the truth of the Catholic faith. With these people, it is astonishing to see how quickly their objections come to nothing after being presented with a well-articulated exposition of the faith.   

The problem is, that so few Catholics today have been given the resources to offer a clear expression of the eternal truths of our Faith. What modern Catholics need is A Manual of Catholic Theology by Joseph Wilhelm.    

If you want to be able to know your faith, love the Lord, and be a light to the truth then just open up this book and let the lion out of its cage…  

This is a CLASSIC work from Joseph Wilhelm  no Catholic today should be without.
Topics Covered Include:

  •  A proper Catholic understanding the meaning and parts of theology
  •  The task and plan of theology in the present time
  •  The correct notion of revelation and how it is delivered 
  •  What revelation is about 
  •  The purpose of revelation 
  •   The superiority of the Catholic theory of revelation over the Protestant theory 
  •  PROOF of the reasonableness of the magisterium as protector of the faith 
  •  The necessity of Oral Tradition as a means of Revelation 
  •  Why Sola Scriptura is complete nonsense 
  •  The goodness, truth, and beauty of Scripture as the written word of God. 
  •  The role of the Fathers of the Church
  •   What impact the writings of great Theologians play in the development of doctrine 
  •  A clear conception about Papal Infallibility 
  •  The role and kinds of councils in the life of the Church
  •   A proper definition and understanding of dogma 
  •  A proper distinction of faith as believed and faith as received
  •  What kind of certitude faith gives man 
  •  How the act of faith is a co-operation with Grace 
  •  The character and rank of theology as a science 
  •  The relationship between faith and reason (spoiler: they are NOT contradictory) 
  •  The possibility of demonstrating the existence of God through reason alone 
  •  How far man’s reason travels on the path to God 
  •  Why God is the absolute perfection of being 
  •  What we can know about God’s attributes through reason alone 
  •  A deeper understanding of God’s life, justice, mercy, and his Beatitude 
  •  How to understand the Trinity 

  •  The early testimony that the doctrine of the Trinity was believed by the first Christians
  •  Understanding the Council of Nicea  
  •  The meaning and importance of words such as hypostasis, consubstantiality, procession for the doctrine of the Trinity
  •  How Christ is “son” in the same way he is “logos” 
  •  The co-eternality of the persons in the Trinity 
  •  How to make proper distinctions within the Godhead without dividing God’s nature 
  •  Why we use personal names for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit 
  •  The intelligibility and veracity of Creation ex Nihilo 
  •  That God preserves all things in existence 
  •  The proper relation of creatures to their Creator 
  •  What it means to be an angel and how we know they exist  
  •  Why it is that God created in six days as opposed to any other number. 
  •  What it means for man to be created in the image of God 
  •  That man and woman are equal but distinct 
  •  Man’s state of original justice 
  •  The fall and its consequences 
  •  Why it was necessary for God to become man in order to save man 
  •  The life of grace and how we stay in friendship with God 
  •  Grace does not compete with or destroy nature, but builds on it 
  •  Our co-operation with God’s grace in the economy of salvation 
  •  Whether we are children of God by nature or by a special act of God 
  •  That the New Testament unequivocally teaches that Jesus is God
  •  That the Trinity is foreshadowed in the Old Testament 
  •  A life time of confidence in the truth of the faith and an endless goldmine of timeless Catholic truths  
  •  And much more!
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