LOGIC 101: An Introduction to Traditional Logic is a video based course for high school students and adults.


Logic 101 Is Perfect For Homeschool Kids Or Anyone Else Who Wants To Learn How To Improve Their Critical Thinking Skills

logic-collection-smallerThere is nothing worse than a culture that fosters superficial thought.

It’s no secret that far too many Americans can’t think their way out of a wet paper bag.

Thinking today is dominated by television culture.

Lacking any patience for, or training in, the history of Western thought, a lot of people today form opinions of great importance on the basis of a vague sentiment, slogan, or sound bite.

Unable to form sound judgments and reach valid conclusions, they are easily swayed by emotion and other superficial appearances.

Sound reason and logic never get a chance.

But you have kids and raise them well, so what does this have to do with you?

The Modern World Bombards Us With Arguments That Try To Persuade Us How We Should Think and Act

The fact is that your kids will someday have to “rub shoulders” and interact with this culture (a culture that is becoming more and more hostile to the Christian worldview).

Kids need proper intellectual training to be equipped to engage this culture and meet various challenges while keeping their values and worldview intact. You need to protect your children by preparing them to protect themselves.

The study of logic is critical for proper intellectual formation.

The reason why is because a good education should train the core components of thought. In other words, A GOOD EDUCATION SHOULD TRAIN THE STUDENT TO THINK WELL AND PROPERLY. Good schooling should teach the fundamental, “all purpose” skills of the mind, such as:

  • How to organize one’s thoughts
  • How to make important distinctions
  • How to critically evaluate and challenge opposing viewpoints
  • How to ask intelligent questions and give intelligent answers
  • How to judge and weigh evidence
  • How to distinguish the true from the false
  • How to stand up for one's beliefs and give coherent reasons for their position
  • How to evaluate arguments for consistency or inconsistency


You’ll feel good about yourself knowing that you are providing a no-nonsense, practical skill for your children that keeps them ahead of the mental game.

You’ll feel good about yourself knowing that you are providing a no-nonsense, practical skill for your children that keeps them ahead of the mental game.

Logic is a general “all purpose” subject with deep and far reaching implications.

This is why St. Thomas Aquinas called logic “the art of arts”.

In other words, logic is the mother of all subjects because in logic we study the very act of thinking and reasoning itself, which in turn helps guide our thinking in all other subjects.

No Matter What One’s Profession Is, Everyone Has To Think

Whether reading, writing, thinking or speaking, your children will have to do this anyway. The only question is will they do it well or poorly?

The only way to do this well is to train this skill, practice this skill, and acquire a habit of clear logical thinking.

If want your child's formation to be as educationally profitable as possible, you simply MUST INCLUDE A COURSE IN LOGIC.

We want to raise virtuous, mature and intellectually confident adults living by Christian principles. We want intellectually distinguished leaders that enjoy the improved powers of judgment that can only come from the study of logic. Since logic is an indispensable skill to have, it is an essential ingredient for anyone's education.


Created in an easy to use format, simply have your child open the book, pop in the DVD for the appropriate lessons, and push “play”. That’s it. No lesson planning! No teacher prep needed! We’ve taken all the work out of this for you. We provide all the instruction for this course in a simple step-by-step format of lessons.

The heart of the course is the helpful easy to follow video lessons. Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes long and teaches all the appropriate material in a manner that is as easy to understand as possible.

Course Instructor: Scott M. Sullivan, Ph.D.

Dr. Sullivan is a homeschooling father of eight and is the author of An Introduction to Traditional Logic, a textbook used in several universities and seminaries across the United States.

Logic 101 has been carefully created and taught by philosopher Dr. Scott M. Sullivan.

Dr. Sullivan is a homeschooling father of eight and is the author of An Introduction to Traditional Logic, a textbook used in several universities and seminaries across the United States.

Being both a philosopher and a homeschooling father, Scott understands both the material itself and the often “hectic” nature of homeschooling life in general. In fact, the original motivation for creating this course was so that he could use it to teach his own kids!

In this set, Scott brings his passionate teaching style to the public through a series of instructional video lessons aimed at helping beginners improve their reasoning skills through the study of logic.



For the Logic 101: Introduction To Traditional Logic Manual

Scott Sullivan's text provides a delightful introduction to Aristotelian logic, which, in my judgment, is the most foundational and useful for ordering one's thought and acts of learning. The text usefully starts each lesson with easier examples and provides many useful exercises.

Patrick Lee, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy, Franciscan University of Steubenville

The basic logical skills that Sullivan teaches are badly needed in contemporary American education. This manual is an excellent choice for any beginning logic student and especially for anyone preparing to study scholastic philosophy and theology.

Tracy W. Jamison, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, The Athenaeum of Ohio


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