An Introduction To Traditional Logic
Perfect For Anyone Who Wants To Be A Smarter, More Clear Headed Thinker 
An Introduction to Traditional Logic is a video based course for high school students and adults
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Ever since the beginning of human existence, people have wondered...
A Course In Logic Belongs In The Home Of Every Educated Family
There is nothing worse than a culture that fosters superficial thought.

And it’s no secret that far too many Americans can’t think their way out of a wet paper bag.

Thinking today is dominated by television culture.

Lacking any patience for, or training in, the history of Western thought, a lot of people today form opinions of great importance on the basis of a vague sentiment, slogan, or sound bite.

Unable to form sound judgments and reach valid conclusions, they are easily swayed by emotion and other superficial appearances.
Sound reason and logic never get a chance.

But you have kids and raise them well, so what does this have to do with you?
But Is This Really True?
Classical education ALWAYS included the study of logic and the reason why is simple. Logic is the science of how to think PROPERLY.  That's why you need to study logic too.
The Modern World Bombards Us With Arguments That Try To Persuade Us How We Should Think and Act
The fact is that your kids will someday have to “rub shoulders” and interact with this culture (a culture that is becoming more and more hostile to the Christian worldview).

Kids need proper intellectual training to be equipped to engage this culture and meet various challenges while keeping their values and worldview intact. You need to protect your children by preparing them to protect themselves.
The Easiest And Most Practical Way To Sharpen Your Mind Is Right Here
Announcing A New Course On How To Think Clearly, Properly, and Critically:
An Introduction To Traditional Logic
A Complete Video Based Course On DVD For Ages 13 And Up
Perfect For Anyone Who Wants To Be A Smarter And More Clear Headed Thinker 
Purpose: The purpose of this course is to teach beginners how to think more clearly and effectively by learning LOGIC.

Logic is the science of proper thinking and is a critical part of a good education. The study of logic will show you how to...
Master key, fundamental, “all purpose” skills of the mind, such as...
  •  How to organize one’s thoughts
  •  How to make important distinctions
  •  How to critically evaluate and challenge opposing viewpoints
  •  How to ask intelligent questions and give intelligent answers
  •  How to judge and weigh evidence
  •  How to distinguish the true from the false
  •  How to stand up for one's beliefs and give coherent reasons for their position
  •  How to evaluate arguments for consistency or inconsistency
You Learn All Of This Through The Study Of Logic
Logic is a general “all purpose” subject with deep and far reaching implications.

This is why St. Thomas Aquinas called logic “the art of arts”. 

In other words, logic is the mother of all subjects because in logic we study the very act of thinking and reasoning itself, which in turn helps guide our thinking in all other subjects.
Think of it this way...
All fields of study focus on a subject matter. Biology studies animal life. Astronomy studies the cosmos. Etc.

But only in Logic do we study THINKING ITSELF.


And this is obviously important, since...
St. Thomas Aquinas said logic was the "art of arts" because logic is where students learn how to think correctly.  Logic is for anyone who wants to be a better, more clear-headed thinker.
No Matter What One’s Profession Is, Everyone Has To Think
You’ll feel good about yourself knowing that you are providing a no-nonsense, practical skill for your children that keeps them ahead of the mental game.
Whether reading, writing, thinking or speaking, your children will have to do this anyway. The only question is will they do it well or poorly?

The only way to do this well is to train this skill, practice this skill, and acquire a habit of clear logical thinking.

If want your child's formation to be as educationally profitable as possible, you simply MUST INCLUDE A COURSE IN LOGIC.

As parents, we want to raise virtuous, mature and intellectually confident adults living by Christian principles. 

We want intellectually distinguished leaders that enjoy the improved powers of judgment that can only come from the study of logic.

Since logic is an indispensable skill to have, it is an essential ingredient for anyone's education.
Easy To Use And Ready To Go...
Right "Out Of The Box"
Created in an easy to use format, simply have your child open the book, pop in the DVD for the appropriate lessons, and push “play”. 

That’s it. No lesson planning! No teacher prep needed!

We’ve taken all the work out of this for you. We provide all the instruction for this course in a simple step-by-step format of lessons.
The Reason Why Logic Is Important Is Because Truth Is Important
Master logic and you will have a mental skill that will always be ready to really help you in any subject you pick up. 

It will give you clearness of thought. It will help you arrange your ideas in an orderly way. 

Most importantly, logic will help you DETECT FALLACIES and DEBUNK all the illogical arguments you run across on the internet, TV, or in books. (When people don't think logically they are easily DELUDED by faulty reasoning.)

Give this fascinating subject a try. You will love it!
Logic trains the mind to attain TRUTH. If you don’t care about TRUTH, then you don’t need logic. If you say care about TRUTH but just want to “wing it” then you will be frequently misled and in error. If you really do care about truth then logic should be treated equally as important…. because logic is how you get there.
The heart of this course is the helpful easy to follow video lessons. Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes long and teaches all the appropriate material in a manner that is as easy to understand as possible. In fact, we make learning logic FUN! Logic doesn't have to be some dry and boring subject! 
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Made For Beginners. Clearly and  Simply Explained in Plain English
This course is made for beginners and is well-suited for Christian adults and teens with no previous experience.
  •   Clearly and simply explained
  •   No prior experience necessary
  •   Convenient and versatile
  •   Use it whenever you want it
  •   Take it anywhere
  •   Easy to follow
  •   Ready to go anytime you are
  •   Step-by-step lessons
  •   Fits your schedule
  •   Just watch and follow along
What Others Are Saying
About the Introduction To Traditional Logic Manual
Dr. Patrick Lee is a professor of philosophy at the Franciscan University of Steubenville 
"Scott Sullivan's text provides a delightful introduction to Aristotelian logic, which, in my judgment, is the most foundational and useful for ordering one's thought and acts of learning. The text usefully starts each lesson with easier examples and provides many useful exercises."
Patrick Lee, PhD 
Professor of Philosophy
Franciscan University of Steubenville
Dr. David Arias is a professor of philosophy at the FSSP Our Lady Of Guadalupe seminary
"Written in a very clear style with many helpful diagrams... this work is an excellent and much needed introduction to the art of logic."
David Aris, PhD 
Professor of Philosophy
Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter
Our Lady Of Guadalupe Seminary
Become Knowledgeable And Articulate In The Most Important Things
Learning an important subject like this can help you in a number of ways.
  • Become a more clear thinker
  •  Gain important critical thinking skills you can use your whole life long
  •  Avoid being duped by the bad reasoning of politicians, newspaper articles, and other media.
  •  Pass this knowledge down as a treasure to later generations
  •  Help your kids master the science of proper thinking 
  •  Enjoy the clear headed thinking that reassures, inspires, and gives you peace of mind 
Course Instructor: Scott M. Sullivan PhD
Dr. Scott M. Sullivan has taught philosophy and logic at various universities and is the founder of Classical Theist productions; a company devoted to resurrecting the best ideas of the classic Christian tradition and bringing them into the modern world through convenient and accessible course materials. 

Dr. Sullivan is the author of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Principle of Sufficient Reason  and An Introduction to Traditional Logic, a text widely used in numerous universities and seminaries. 

Dr. Sullivan has also discussed the importance of Aquinas’ thought on EWTN television and several nationally syndicated radio programs.
As Seen On:
Logic 101 has been carefully created and taught by philosopher Dr. Scott M. Sullivan

Dr. Sullivan is a homeschooling father of eight and is the author of An Introduction to Traditional Logic, a textbook used in several universities and seminaries across the United States.

In this set, Scott brings his passionate teaching style to the public through a series of instructional video lessons aimed at helping beginners improve their reasoning skills through the study of logic.
Dr. Sullivan is a homeschooling father of eight and is the author of An Introduction to Traditional Logic, a textbook used in several universities and seminaries across the United States.
Logic Sharpens The Mind Like Nothing Else Can
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Perfect For Anyone Who Wants To Be A Smarter And More Clear-Headed Thinker 
Why Courses Like These Are So Important
Today, more than ever, Christians need to step up to the plate and learn what they believe and why they believe it! 

It’s a fact of life now that uninformed, “blind-faith” anti-intellectual Christianity will NOT survive the intellectual onslaught and criticism of our modern secular age

Take the time to invest in the important things and defend what you love. Feed your soul with clearheaded ideas from the past masters and learn why we can know that hell exists, why it is justifiably eternal, and why many are in danger of going there. 
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