Would you send a kid into a boxing ring without proper training? Would you send a soldier to war without learning how to fight? Then why send a Christian kid off into the societal culture war without knowing how to defend their faith? Here’s the deal:


Fact #1: It is now a well documented fact that most Christian kids will lose their faith during the high school and college years, and a principal reason is because Christianity seems intellectually shallow.


Fact #2: Most churches aren’t doing a darn thing about it. The typical church or parish is more concerned about singing songs and having donuts and coffee than they are about educating the faithful on how to combat the growing problem of atheism and unbelief in our culture.


This is shameful. It is a completely irresponsible sin of omission to send Christian kids out in today’s secular culture, a culture that is becoming increasingly hostile to religion and the Christian faith, without first giving them solid training in Christian apologetics.


Kids today need to be given good solid reasons for thinking that God exists and that Christianity is true. But they are not getting that. Most of the time they aren’t being prepared for that at all.


But to not prepare for something is itself a type of preparation.


In this episode of Spiritual Combat, I’ll talk about why the failure of most churches to train the next generation in apologetics is a good way to train kids to be atheists later in life.


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The Aquinas School Of Theology And Philosophy