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The Thomas Aquinas School of Theology & Philosophy opens for enrollment for select opportunities through the year.  This allows the staff to best serve you as we want to make this the best community of support in your spiritual journey.

Students experience a cutting-edge approach to online education… Featuring instant access to an incredible library of in-depth online courses divided into three specific schools of Christian Education, which are: The School of Christian Apologetics, The School of Philosophy and Logic, The School of Theology.

Membership Has Its Benefits

Over 72 Hours of In-Depth Online Courses (A $1575 Value) You'll enjoy on demand access to both beginner and advanced multi-media training in Apologetics, Theology and Christian Philosophy designed to increase your knowledge as you gain a deeper understanding of God's will for your life and develop a closer relationship with The Lord...

The Opportunity to Gain Official Certification in The Key Areas of Christian Education. This could open up a world of new opportunities for you in serving The Lord in your community and possibly around the world as you gain an unshakable confidence in your new knowledge of the things of God...

FREE Membership In Dr. Scott Sullivan’s Mentor Club Featuring bi-weekly lectures with Dr. Sullivan and other guest speakers, access to a student’s only Facebook community and exclusive access to a library of Dr. Sullivan’s Podcast with new episodes added every other week and the chance to get answers to your toughest theological questions…

Plus, may surprises and bonuses being added ALL the time as we are dedicated to always OVER-DELIVER to our students.

Here's What You Get!
Atheism Exposed - The purpose of this course is to teach you some of the problems commonly associated with atheism and how to expose them.
Christ 101 - A complete course on how to defend "traditional old-school orthodox Christianity to the modern secular world.

How to Counter Atheism - This course will teach beginners what the most common arguments for atheism are and how to respond to them.

How to Defend the Bible – In this critical training, you’ll discover the easiest ways to defend against attacks on the authenticity of The Bible.

How to Prove God Exists – An in-depth program that teaches beginning theological students how to argue for the existence of God.
How to Prove God Exists Part 2 - This powerful program will teach you how to better understand and explain to others the proof of God’s existence.
How to Prove God Exists Part 3 - This course takes a deep look into the moral argument for the existence of God, and particularly how morality just simply can’t exist without God.

One True Church - The purpose of this course is to help you understand what we really know about the church and its beginnings. We will look at the proof for the Catholic faith.

God and Suffering – Many atheists claim that evil and suffering in the world proves that God does not exist. Is this a good argument? No! And this course will show you why it isn’t.
An Introduction to the Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas - This is a complete beginner's course diving into the thoughts of St. Thomas Aquinas who is considered to be quite possibly the most influential theologian since The Apostle Paul himself.
An Introduction to Traditional Logic 101 - The purpose of this course is to teach beginners how to think more clearly and effectively by learning LOGIC. Logic is the science of proper thinking and is a critical part of a good education.

An Introduction to Philosophy - The purpose of this course is to teach beginners the philosophy in an interesting and easy to understand way. This will teach you how to think clearly about the most important questions.

The Nature Of The One True God - the purpose of this course is to help you understand what we really know about God and how we know it so that you can both perfect your own knowledge and be better equipped to correct the errors of others.

The Morality of War - In this program you’ll learn how to think about the morality of War, Self-Defense, Capital Punishment and more from the perspective of one of the Church’s greatest minds.

Catholic Theology – This program is an introductory level course in Catholic theology according to the mind of St. Thomas Aquinas, the most widely recommended theologian in the history of the Church.

The Theology of Hell and Eternal Damnation – In this powerful and thought-provoking course you’ll discover why most people are WRONG about the existence of HELL and how to articulate the truth about eternity.
Upon completing each section of learning, you’ll be able to test your knowledge by taking challenging examinations where you can earn official certificates in the main areas of Apologetics, Christian Philosophy and Theology…

As well as multiple sub-topics such as logic, ethics, Christology, and many more.

In addition to giving you a real sense of accomplishment, by studying for and successfully completing these exams…
This is an amazing opportunity to learn directly from one of the top theological scholars in the world today – Dr. Scott Sullivan.

You’ll enjoy unprecedented access to Dr. Sullivan and other special guest lecturers as they teach member’s only classes and provide exclusive content that will NEVER be made available to non-students.

Plus, you’ll join an exclusive community of like-minded Christian brothers and sisters who are on a shared journey to a deeper knowledge of the things of God.

Here’s just some of the exclusive benefits
you’ll enjoy EACH MONTH as a member
of Dr. Sullivan’s Personal Mentor Club:

Monthly Q&A.

Monthly Masterclass

Monthly Podcast

Disputed Questions

Your toughest questions answered directly by Dr. Scott Sullivan and other highly knowledgeable theologians.  You'll have opportunity to submit your most pressing questions
Presentations by Dr. Sullivan where he will tackle some of the most pressing issues facing the Church today as well as taking deep dives into specific areas of study…
An extensive library of entertaining and enlightening Podcast episodes hosted by Dr. Sullivan and featuring special guest speakers, with new episodes continually added…
Your chance to dig deep into your most pressing concerns of both Biblical and traditional Church teachings, including disputed issues from the course material. Nothing is off limits!!!
AND... You'll Also Get Access To The Thomas Aquinas
School of Theology & Philosophy Secret Society!
You'll ALSO Get Access to our private member’s Secret Society where you and other students can engage in lively course discussions, encourage each other’s spiritual growth, and even forge new friends…
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The Aquinas School of Theology and Philosophy Along With
Dr. Sullivan’s Personal Mentor Club…
Will Give You The Powerful Tools You Need To Be The Best You Can Possibly Be In Service To The Lord!!!
When you combine these tools with your desire to seek God’s will in your life and The Holy Sprit leading you, then you’ll be able to accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible…

Leading to one day experiencing the greatest honor anyone can ever hope for, which is hearing our Lord and Savior say to you…
“Well Done My Good and Faithful Servant