Catholic Theology: “Queen Of The Sciences”


Traditionally speaking, theology was understood to be the “Queen Of The Sciences”.


In other words, theology is not only a science but it is also one that holds a top rank above all other subjects as the queen of the sciences.


The reason why is because theology holds a certain “threefold excellence” as compared to other subjects:


Theology Has The Most Dignified Subject Matter: Other sciences talk about things known only by human reason, but theology studies God Himself, the most noble of all beings.


Theology Gives Us The Greatest Certitude: Theology gives us the greatest amount of certitude because while all other sciences derive their certitude from the natural light of human reason, this science derives its certitude from the light of Divine knowledge which cannot be mistaken.


Theology is About Our Greatest End: The purpose of learning theology, from a practical standpoint, is to attain eternal happiness with God.


Why Theology Is Important


Theology is also the most important subject we can study.


The reason why is because some of the most important things we can know can be known only by the special revelation of God.


In other words, there is a certain amount of theology that is an indispensable minimum for living sanely in the world, living a life that is in accord with reality.


At the Aquinas School Of Theology and Philosophy, we have a FULL BLOWN CURRICULUM in theology according to the mind of St. Thomas Aquinas, whom many popes have said is the greatest of all the theologians.


This video will explain to you the theology curriculum at the Aquinas School Of Theology and Philosophy.


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The Aquinas School Of Theology And Philosophy