Bad Arguments Against Christianity



Yep, there is no doubt about it; Jesus is just as much of a controversial figure today as he was in ancient times.

Go out and mention his name publicly and you will very likely draw expressions of both love and outright hatred.

Now as Christians, we have a duty to share the Gospel with unbelievers, and in doing this, you will very likely run into many BAD arguments against Christianity.

Have you ever heard any bad arguments against Christianity? I hear them all the time (these things are legion!).

In fact, in my experience, the most common arguments made against Christianity turn out to be some of the worst arguments against Christianity.

And this is the main reason they need to be addressed, not just because they are so bad (which they are) but because they are so common!

I was recently on the Terry and Jesse show where we discussed some of these bad arguments and why they are in fact so bad.

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