Against Christian Indifferentism: Why It Is Not Okay To Be “Just Any Sort Of Christian”



In my ministry here at Classical Theist, I prefer to focus on defending the common beliefs of all Christians, mainly that God exists and that Jesus Christ is that God.

The reason why I focus on these is because I think this is where the main conversation is at with most people in the world.

The secular West does not believe God exists, and the Islamic threat does not believe that Christ is that God.

So I have not only what I consider a calling but I also good reasons to focus on these core issues. These are very important and timely topics.

But just because that is my focus, I do not want to give the impression that I think that just any old version of Christianity is ok.

In other words, I am utterly opposed to Christian indifferentism.

Christian indifferentism is the idea that any version of Christianity is as good as another.

It’s the idea that being “any old sort of Christian” is enough.

But that’s NOT enough. In other words, it matters what kind of Christian you are.

So let me just clear the air on this matter right now.

Here are my reasons why I am completely opposed to Christian indifferentism and why you should be too:

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