A Simple Way To Answer A Common Argument Against God


There is a very common argument running around in atheist circles that aims to destroy the important connection between God and morality.

This argument is nothing new, but it does seem to have gained a new popularity on college campuses and skeptical blogs.

Even if you don’t hang out on college campuses or read those kind of blogs, chances are that someone you know does.

So it is important for all Christians to get up to speed on how to answer this common objection.

In this episode of Spiritual Combat, I’ll tell you what this argument is and give you a simple way to answer it.

Click the play button or link below to listen to this episode of Spiritual Combat:  (And don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or with RSS on your Android.) [audio_player url=”http://classicaltheist.s3.amazonaws.com/ASimpleWayToAnswerACommonArgumentAgainstGod.mp3″] http://classicaltheist.s3.amazonaws.com/ASimpleWayToAnswerACommonArgumentAgainstGod.mp3  


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