We live in an age of sexual license where magazine covers and billboards display soft porn, 80% of all men view pornography on a monthly basis, women commonly dress like prostitutes, fornication is considered healthy and “normal”, and acts of adultery are socially acceptable.

Sure these things have always been a problem, but the issue is especially acute in our day.

And the reason why it’s a problem is because there is a GLARING CONTRADICTION to what the world thinks is morally permissible and what Biblical Christianity teaches. As one saint has put it, “Either Christ blunders or the world goes astray!”

Avoiding sins of impurity is something that every serious Christian needs to do and so in this episode of Spiritual Combat, I’ll give you 13 tips you can follow for combating these kinds of sins.

Catholics hardly differ from their secular counterparts when it comes to their proclivity to sexual sin. 

What’s worse is that huge portions of Catholics simply pick-and-choose which aspects of Catholic Sexual morality they want to follow.

Sadly, very few parishes do ANYTHING to introduce parishioners to Catholic sexual teaching that is unapologetic, in depth, and intellectually satisfying.

For many of us, that’s just what we need and this week’s episode of Spiritual Combat give you some of the most essential tools to remain free from the sin of sexual impurity, which the saints say place more people in Hell than any other sin…

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Need a summary for quick reference? Here you go!

6 Things to Keep in mind:

#1 The sins of sexual impurity excludes you from heaven
#2 There is something peculiarly grievous about sexual impurity.
#3 Adultery is a sever injustice an injustice to your spouse, your family, and society.
#4 The Catechism highlights adultery as particularly disgraceful.
#5 The severity of punishment for Adultery in the Bible sheds gives a hint to its grave nature.
#6: Addiction to sexual sin blinds your mind, obscures your reason, and hardens your heart.

What YOU can do to avoid sin:

#7 Avoid idleness.
#8 Practice temperance
#9 Custody of the eyes: sexual sin always starts with the first glance…
#10 One for the ladies
#11 Avoid all impure input and output…what you talk about or watch on TV matters!
#12 Make frequent use of the Sacraments.
#13 Practice mortification: Just say no, even to good things!

Bonus: Remember The Battle of the Butter