The Problem of The Anti-Intellectual Christian


Anti-intellectualism is rampant in Christianity, especially American Christianity.  Historically, it’s the heresy of “fideism”, which is the position that disparages reason and places an emphasis on a subjective “blind faith” as the foundation for all religion.

The problem here is manifold. Reason is a gift from God and those who disparage it are disparaging God’s gift. The traditional orthodox Christian position opposes this heresy and holds just the opposite – that grace builds upon nature and does not destroy it. God does not ask us to check our brains in at the door when we become a Christian.

The second problem is that the majority of the world does not think Christianity is true. When faced with honest questions raised by unbelievers,  the anti-intellectual Christian falls back on their subjectivity and says things like “Well the Bible says it and I believe it – that’s all.” “I’ve got my belief and you have yours, so leave me alone.” “The reason why you don’t believe is because you are a sinner.” And other things of this sort.

The modern anti-intellectual Christian thinks they are being pious. They think they are doing a good thing by ignoring the intellectual challenges raised by unbelievers in this way.

They are not.

In this episode of Spiritual Combat, I’ll talk about this problem of anti-intellectualism in Christianity, the harm that it causes, and why the exact opposite is true, namely that Christians need to be trained in argument.

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