One of the problems with people like Richard Dawkins and the other “new atheists” is that they lump all Christians into one category – the category of the gullible/”blind faith”/anti-intellectual “fundamentalist” and they think that by refuting such easy targets they have therefore debunked all of Christianity.

But of course, this commits the straw man fallacy. One of the glaring errors of such over-generalizations is that they completely ignore the largest Christian denomination in the world – Catholicism!

Such an oversight is convenient for the quick dismissals and “fast and easy” critiques that are typical of the new atheists. But ignoring a position is not a refutation of it. Centuries of deep philosophical thought built on the shoulders of intellectual giants bolsters┬áthe Catholic position on every issue.

The relationship between faith and reason is just one example. This short video briefly explains the Catholic position on how faith cooperates with reason and the traditional Catholic apologetic method.

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