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I saw this meme on Facebook the other day from the “Daily Atheist Quote”.  Like many memes, it sacrifices the truth in an effort to be funny.

For starters it is completely ignorant of the history of Western thought. Some of the greatest logicians in the history of the western world have also been religious believers. St. Thomas Aquinas, St Vincent Ferrer, Blessed Duns Scotus, and many others ( as a matter of fact, the most widely used textbook in the middle ages was the SUMMULAE LOGICALES by Peter of Spain – aka Pope John XXI).

The idea that religious people are illogical is another common myth in our society. It’s a myth just like “Religion is the cause of most wars” or that “religion is opposed to science” – all of those things are cultural myths. They simply aren’t true.

In this episode of Spiritual Combat, I’ll show you how to debunk the myth that religious people are illogical.

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